I wish I would have been given these tips when I first became a Jeep Mom owner.

No. 5 - Rugged Ridge Floor Mats for those spills of juice, cheerios and mud. Easy clean up, you can just hose them off. The ridges channel the mud and dirt away from your shoes and pants to keep them from getting dirty. The high perimeter wall keeps the water or juice or milk from sloshing all over.

No. 4 - Spider Web Shade has several colors so this is a great way to add an accent color to your Jeep Wrangler. Plus, the shade blocks up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and drastically reduces wind noises. You never have to remove it. You can use it to store of blankets, towels and extra clothes between the soft top and the spiderweb shade.

No. 3 - Molle seat back panel for the back seat passengers stuff. If you have kids, you know they need their “stuff” to keep themselves occupied during those off road trips or trips to the grocery store. You can’t just tell them to look out the window at the scenery like we were told back in the day. You just hang the panel on the back of your seat. The passengers have easy access to the molle bags you attach to it.. I have several bags on mine where I store items I need easy access for like hats, gloves first aid kit. Plus everything is neat and organized.

No. 2 - Dual Cup Holder Trash Can
With the Original Manufacturer’s rear seat cup holder you alway hear… MOM… Jimmy’s drink is touching my drink. Well with the Dual Cup Holder Trash can accessory you can stop the annoying kid nagging plus keep your Wrangler clean and tidy. It’s a trash can with two cup holders on either side. The trash can is separates the drink holders so Jimmy’s drink won’t touch his siblings drink . I slips into your existing factory rear seat cup holders without tools or modifications. The center trash can is easy to reach from both front and rear seats and provides two new cup holders for rear passengers at the sides of the trash receptacle. Super Easy to clean & virtually unbreakable.

No. 1 - Music to play thru your Jeeps sound system. The music drowns out the yells, screams and whines that come from the back seat.

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