Tonight’s Cherokee Love information is truly a Cherokee only info thing. Now before you non cherokee owners finish groaning and looking for that fast forward button, (Nicky G just said “I can fast forward?”) This may not be specific to your Jeep but this goofiness may help you figure out a similar problem in the future.

Man I love me some bright lights, LED light bars but also headlights, running lights, blinkers and back up lights. A few months back I was checking the prices of the LED bulbs of ALL my exterior lights and I found prices have really gone down. So I ordered 3177 LED bulbs front rear, yellow, red and white. Good Lord them back up lights are white and bright, but I digress.

Now I was well aware of the fast blink issue and was prepared with a new LED relay. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

It seems the factory trailer harness doens't play well with LED lights when used in the brake and signaling. The brake light LED would flicker, dimly, when turn signal was activated as well as the 3rd brake light. Keep in mind ALL of these lights were now LED.

Harness location rear driver's side of 1998 Jeep Cherokee. (May include other year models)

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