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    New here

    Wanted to say hi.

    I'm on a few other forums as well under the same user name. And started listening to the jeep talk show about 3 weeks ago. And been binging on it ever since. I started back in the xjtalk days and I'm up to ep.240 now. I have a problem I know. Lol

    Anyways been doing the jeep life for 5 years now. And started when I bought a 89 limited xj with some motor noise for $600. Guy thought it was a rod knock but ended up being loose rocker arms on #3 cylinder. And at the time I lived in Washington state and now in Oregon. I drove the jeep back from salem, or to Vancouver, wa. After stopping by a friend of a friend's house to fix my 89. Which had a 3.5" lift and 30" a/ts. Bought some 33x12.5x15 and trimmed fender. Drove it like that for 8 months till I started to get some backfires through the intake. Pulled the valve cover and on #2 cylinder the push rods went through the rocker arms. The options were fix the renix 4.0l or find another 4.0l. Well after a good buddy deal I ended up with a 95 high output 4.0l and swapped it in using the renix wiring and sensors. Sort of a high output/renix hybrid. Daily drove it and wheeled it when I could. Then I made the choice to make it a low cog type of rig. And stuffed 35x12.5x15 under it. Still on factory axles hp d30 non disconnect since it had the np242 and d35 non c-clip. This rig had abs (swapped out for an high out put year system) which the d30 axle shafts had the bigger u-joints. The combo of 3.5" and 35"s did great and surprised people I would wheel with. After a driving it and needing some work I had thought about selling it for something else as it was getting to more of a wheeler then daily driver.

    Then one day at the junkyard actually my second junkyard of the day looking for a decent zj driver door. I found a nice tan 92 xj on they builders line. which looked a little fun since it had a 6.5" lift on stock tires. Talk to my girl and she okayed buying it. Which was a sort of gamble since I had no idea if it ran or drove. If anything I could use it for parts. after a battery it started but wouldn't stay running. To me it seemed like an IAC so changed it out. Same then checked fuel pressure 10 psi at the rail. Well I swapped in a fuel pump started and ran. Drove it around the shop in front wheel drive since no rear drive line it drove. Well heck put the 35s on it and finished the started hackn' tap. And swapped some worth keeping goodies from the 89. Took for a test drive it death wobbled oh no. Checked the toe on it after some research it was toed in about an inch. Adjusted it and another test drive drives straight. Started swapping in some front seat that were in the back when I bought it. Since the drive seat had the tell tell fat man brake and lean. That's about where its sitting at the moment. Since its in my brother n laws garage and get to work on it on Sundays and some Saturdays. Should be driving it soon after the seat swap is finished.

    Well that is longer then I thought I was going to say. Anyways. Hi. And have a great day.

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    Welcome Josh. I see you are getting around

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