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Thread: Top 12 Detailing Tips

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    Top 12 Detailing Tips

    Does your Jeep or Daily Driver look and smell so horrible that youíre embarrassed to have friends ride with you?
    Do you wish you had that new-car smell and shine?
    Have you ever considered having it professionally detailed?
    Chances are that like many of us you practically live in your vehicle, which can get pretty grimy from all those fun wheeling or road trips with kids, drunk friends, or dogs, and let us not forget those french fries that have been hiding under the seat for the last 7 months. Even those of us who just use our rigs to commute to work and back occasionally need a deep cleaning.
    The good news is you donít need to pay someone else a hundred bucks or more to get your vehicle clean. You can get your Jeep or car in tip-top shape in no time ó all by yourself! Detailing is no easy task but you can do it yourself without dishing out hardly any money at all. If youíve never done it before, you may be tempted to buy all those expensive products you see in the automotive departments in stores or at the local parts store. Retail shelves are lined with special wipes, brushes and solvents for detailing cars. And all these items add up to alot of money if you get everything you need.
    But Do you actually need all this stuff?
    In reality, you donít need to buy brand-name cleansers and air fresheners made especially for cars. Some of them donít even work that well despite the expense. You may not even need to buy anything at all to do your detailing in fact. Things like club soda, white vinegar, charcoal, a can of coke or even a piece of clay are really all you need. Chances are you already have most the stuff you need to get your car sparkling clean inside and out.
    These cleaning tips I've compiled for you are tried and true. In fact, some of these work so well that theyíre old news to professionals, who wish weíd kept their tricks a secret. After trying out some of these innovative ways to clean your Jeep, youíll never even think about hiring someone else to do it for you. In fact, if you just turn up the music and roll up your sleeves, you may even have some fun doing it.

    1- Donít waste money on car fresheners that smell awful and look even worse. Instead, grab some wooden clothespins and sprinkle a few drops of your girlfriend or wife's favorite essential oils (lavender, rosemary, frankincense, etc.) on top. Attach the clothespin to your vent. Each time you turn on the heat or air conditioner, your car will smell incredible. Of course if the vehicle smells bad to begin with, it could be mold, or perhaps the cabin air filter. Change that for a fresher smelling vehicle right off the bat.

    2- This might come as a surprise to some, but olive oil is actually a great tool for cleaning leather seats. Keep in mind that overusing it will make your seats greasy to touch, so use with caution. You may want to wash with soap first. Next, you want to get into the texture of your leather or leatherette interior using the oil. Always wipe dry afterwards.

    3- Powder Cleaners, Regular old bleach powder can help you do your own detailing like a pro. Choose a brand like Bar Keeperís Friend, Clorox or Bon Ami, which are the toughest. Take a cloth or towel, sprinkle some on and lightly spray some Lysol onto the powder. Now, work in that magic and keep adding more powder until your tires sparkle. You may have to scrub quite a bit or even add some vinegar if thereís oil on the wheels.

    4- Foam PAint Brush & Q-tips, and Tooth brush Foam brushes are great for putting on the finishing touches while painting, but you can also use them to brush out your AC vents and other tough to reach spaces. The foam will easily cling to dirt and other particles, making it a great tool to use when cleaning. When you do your own detailing, Q-tips are indispensable tools in getting deep into crevices. They sop up detergent and clean nicely. They even come in handy when cleaning out cup holders, where the crevices are hard to reach with a cloth. If your dashboard is starting to look a bit grimy then you can use an old toothbrush to get really deep in there and get every little bit of gunk out. When youíre done, save your toothbrush so you can use it again in the future. Use the toothbrush to wash every inch of your seats and backrests too. Youíll be shocked by how much dirt is embedded in your seats.

    5- WD-40, Regret putting those bumper stickers on your new car? Donít worry, with the help of WD-40, you can remove even the most stubborn of decals. Just spray some WD-40 directly on the sticker, allow some time to soak, then pull it right off.

    6- Rubbing Alcohol, Slimy windshield wipers are the worst. Replacing them all the time is way too expensive, so what to do when your wiper smears water across your windshield and leaves awful streak? To remedy this common problem, wipe down your wipers with generous amounts of rubbing alcohol and let dry. Youíll have to replace them regularly still, but this will lengthen their shelf-life.

    7- Clay Bar - You can find clay in any toy store or childrenís section of any store. But clay bars made especially for cars are available on many websites, including Amazon. These are reusable and cheap: One bar may run you as little as $4! Youíll never believe how wiping down a wet car with one of these can bring on so much shine!

    8- Hair Conditioner, Another great alternative to waxing your car and getting a comparable shine is using hair conditioner. Just as that gooey stuff can make your hair look shiny, it can do the same for the paint on an automobile. Just make sure you choose a brand that contains lanolin, which is the magic ingredient that gives a waxy finish. Just pour some into a towel and work it in in circular motions until your car is shiny like new.

    9- Gooey Cleaning Slime, Remember silly putty, and pressing it on comics or a newspaper and seeing the images lifted off the paper and onto the putty? You can get the same results on all that hard to reach filth that collects in the nooks and crannies of your door and dash switches. Yes you read the title correct. Feel like youíre in kindergarten again when you clean your car with this sticky cleaning slime. You can go two ways with obtaining this fantastic cleaning solution, either buy some online or make it yourself. Making it yourself is pretty easy and anyone can do it! Simply mix 1/2 cup of liquid starch, 4oz bottle of Elmerís glue, and 1/4 cup of water to finally enjoy cleaning your car for once.

    10- Vodka.... in the stuff from the liquor store...if u dont want to spend alot of money on deicer windshield washer fluid... MAke your own with Castille soap and Vodka, just don't leave the bottle in the back of the Jeep. ok?

    11- Nail Polish (clear) Does that hairline crack only you can see totally freak you out? Well, it should, but at least thereís a temporary fix that will prevent it from cracking further. Plain old clear nail polish can buy you some time before you replace that window or windshield. Use the polish generously and let it take hold.

    12- Club Soda The toughest stains canít stand up to club soda, especially if youíre able to use it right away. Pat dry the stain first. Dampen a small cloth or towel with club soda and pat the stain. If youíre working with an old stain, use the club soda more liberally and watch the stain lift. This stuff can lift red wine off white fabric, so it should be no problem removing mud, dirt, coffee and other stains.
    Got something you want to add to the list? - Just post your recommendations and procedures below.

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    What if you wanna wash your jeep once in a while? I mean, can you run a wrangler with a soft top through a brushless car wash? Does anybody have any experiences with that (good or bad)? Should I be concerned about the vinyl windows?
    Sonny in Philly

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    I have only done it once and it was fine! It was the car wash you need to get our of your vehicle for and watch it thru the windows as it rolls through. I wouldn't do it too much because the chemicals in the soap could be too much over time for the soft top.

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    Any of the car wash places are fine for the soft tops.
    ...maybe stay away from some of the gas station ones though.... I think their maintenance schedules leave something to be desired.
    Yes the chemicals are a little harsh, and those cheapo spray waxes that you pay extra for are garbage, and certainly don't do our soft tops any favors. The key here is what you do when you get home. Firs things first, you want that top DRY, that means alll the flaps, zippers, and seams too. This extra bit of drying - that the air dry on the way out of the car wash or your drive home didn't get - will not only get some of the dust and debris the car was missed, but also gives you the chance to wipe away any bugs or dust that you picked up on the way home too. Once thats out of the way you can begin the most important part of owning a soft top.
    Most soft top owners thing of that high grade nylon canvas as something that will last a lifetime. And if you hand wash, detail, and garage your jeep endlessly, while never ever taking it off road or driving in the rain, then yes... it probably will.
    But for the 99% of us that this doesn't apply to, we have elbow grease.
    OK.... not literally grease secreted from your elbow,

    but taking the time to clean, condition, and maintain your soft top to ensure it WILL last a life time no matter how much "life" you throw at it.
    Best top makes a decent conditioner that is purpose intended to work the best with their tops.
    A product that's been around for ages, and that comes with the highest of reputations in aerospace, white water rafting, hunting, and a dozen other industries.
    I've used it myself and swear by it.
    It's called 303 Protectant, and you can find it using our link

    At less than $12 a bottle, it's a small investment that will go a long ways to not only making your top look better than it ever has before, but making it last long enough that you can joke with your grand kids about detailing the Jeep with elbow grease.

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